Experience the various facets of the G-Class.

Our “G-Class Experience Center” gives G-Class enthusiasts and off-road specialists all the thrills they need. Test your personal limits with our G-Class fleet – by driving these automotive icons in the extreme conditions that they were developed for. Accompanied by our professional instructors you will get the chance to experience the amazing off-road and on-road capabilities of the G-Class.

What are you waiting for?

Get G-Proved!

With the legend into off-road terrain.

Get behind the wheel yourself and experience the climbing ability of the G-Class on different surfaces - right to the top of the “G-Rock”. Give the G-Class a mud bath in the forest without getting your feet wet, navigate the Schöckl Trail, and experience the G-Class at 30 degrees – and we are not talking about the outside temperature! Manoeuvre the G-Class through deep water and experience sheer driving pleasure.

  • Slopes up to 100%
  • Inclined angles up to 35°
  • Axle twist

585 emotions per second.

Switch to on-road mode, get into the Mercedes-AMG G 63, and experience what it feels like to accelerate with 585 hp on tap. How about a dance with the G-Class? We invite you to waltz in our dynamic area. On the handling section of our on-road course you will learn how to manoeuvre the G-Class through slaloms as well as how to brake and swerve in dicey situations.

  • Parcours (Slalom, Brakes, Dodge)
  • Skid pad
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Do you want some details?

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Price: 1.780,00 €

Price € 1.780 (incl. VAT) per person including catering and shuttle from/to the partner hotel on day of event

Are you a corporate client? Under Book Experience Now you can also book as a corporate client. You can also contact us directly via the contact form or via welcome@g-class-experience.com.

A G-Proved comeback!

It is our pleasure, to be able to inform you that the G-Class Experience will re-start on 1.7.2020.

In taking this decision, the safety of our guests is our highest priority. Therefore, we have taken all necessary safety measures, to ensure a safe event, without making any compromises regarding driving pleasure or exclusivity. For details about our hygiene concept, please contact the G-Class Experience Team at welcome@g-class-experience.com.

At the G-Class Experience Center, you will experience an unforgettable day in the heart of nature. Get behind the wheel to be a pilot in single occupancy in our regularly disinfected G-Class vehicles. Away from the crowds and the beaten tracks, you will get “G-proved”!

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