100,000 m² for pure G-Moments.

Experience what words cannot describe – the fascination of the off-road vehicle under perfect conditions.

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The G-Base Atmosphere.

In our exhibition, you will experience the world of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class in all of its facets. At our G-Base you will get an exclusive insight into the remarkable history of the G-Class, as well as an introduction into the engineering of the icon. Apart from this, you will enjoy a meal right next to the Amber Cube, a G-Class from the first year of production in 1979, surrounded by the world’s largest synthetic resin installation. Furthermore, use your time away from the driving modules to dive into a sea of colors in the “G manufaktur” with its wealth of individualization options, and design your one-of-a-kind G-Class.

  • Synthetic resin installation Amber Cube
  • Customization program G manufaktur
  • Exhibition Design & Heritage of an icon
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Does Mom let you…

…do the G-Class Experience?