It was a special matter to me to participate in creating an outstanding experience for all G-Class fans. Every G-Class is “Schöckl-Proved” – after an unforgettable day at the G-Class Experience Center, with passion and excitement for the icon, you will be “G-Proved”. Thereby you will be prepared for your own adventure off the roads, where “the G”, in my opinion, is the most fun.”

Marc Sussner
Chief-Instruktor Mercedes-Benz

What I experienced at the G-Class Experience Centre is indescribable!

N. Noll

A perfect experience with a perfect vehicle!

I. Reichl

With the G-Class Experience Center near Graz, we have created a “must see” for every G-Class enthusiast. In the hometown of the G-Class, fans can now experience what the icon was built for – the most demanding challenges. At slopes up to 100%, inclined angles up to 35° as well as water and mud crossings, the G-Class is showing its wildest side at the G-Class Experience Center.</p>

Peter Schoren
Head of Productmanagement and Sales Mercedes-Benz G-Class

It was fantastic. A unique area with very kind instructors and hosts!

L. Goergey